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My take on IFMCA AWARD Nominations 2011 

Hello soundtrack lovers. So I’m buzzing because finally IFMCA posted the nominees for the IFMCA AWARDS. In this post I’m gonna take on the IFMCA 2011 nominations. Gonna review the good and the bad choices they made this year and also I will do “should win” and “would win” in every category. Overall I can’t complain a lot. They did a nice job like they do every year. If you are a soundtrack lover this is the one competition that you expect cause every other competition starting from the Oscars to the other critic associations every one of them make horrible mistakes in their choices. IFMCA is always standard and this is because the people who are members are experts and experienced listeners and reviewers to soundtracks. So once again nice job and I hope they’ll keep everything up in the coming years and not go only for popularity like the Oscars or the Golden Globes.

So let’s get started then ….

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The Soundtrack Nerd Awards Nominations

Finally the blog is up and running and this is my first post. It’s a great way to start the blog really with the Awards. These are the nominations and the winners will be announced next week. For every nominee you have links in the tittle and picture so listen to them and enjoy. 

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